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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 9, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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next on "msnbc saturday," break through, rejoicing in chile. the rescue shaft reaches those trapped miners. we'll be live with the very latest. plus the economic lines and signs of trouble. in the nation's capital, the search for more jobs. also ahead, america's new gold rush, to sell, but in that
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haste to cash in, many people are getting shortchanged. and celebrating lennon. the world remembers the late, great beatle on this his 70th birthday. good morning, everyone, and welcome to "msnbc saturday." it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. in the west. we have this breaking news to report for you. want to let all of you know we're keeping our eyes on chile because we have been told the drill has broken through into that area where the miners have been trapped for the last 66 days. there were reports the last couple of hours before that drill broke through left those miners in a high state of anxiety because they were hearing the sounds and could not wait for it to happen. let's get the reaction to all of us here, we cannot get enough good news and we're all smiling. how about down there? >> reporter: it's such an exciting day here, it was amazing. the horns, we could hear the
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horns all around us. people were hugging, people were applauding. reporters were hugging, the families, i mean it was a very joyous time. we understand that now the next step, it all depends if they need to put the casing in some parts of the rescue shaft, that will probably be decided this afternoon. and the miners down in the bottom, they received the news that they had broken in. very calm, they are very calm and they are very excited about coming up. just a few minutes ago, i spoke with jeff hart, a mining engineer from denver, colorado and he was the person who was at the drill when they broke into the gallery. i ask him what it was like and he told me that there are no words to describe the feeling of happiness and joy. >> i know, i mean we all are just thrilled with this kind of news and you can imagine for the families and all. okay, angie, so what happens
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now? they decide whether or not the shaft is, i guess, sound and then if it is, when do they start bringing miners up? >> okay, the next step is that they're going to lower a camera and they're going to inspect the walls of the shaft, if the walls are not safe, they're going to put the casing in some parts of the shaft. and then they will get it ready for the capsules to go down. when that happens, and that probably will be on monday or tuesday, the doctors and the rescue specialists will go down, examine the miners and they start sending them one by one. the trip might take no more than an hour. >> angie, i mean there's no room for error here, can you tell me, how wide is the shaft and how large is the capsule that's going to be brought up? >> well, the diameter of the hole is 28 inches.
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it's a long capsule, it's a little bit higher than the average man, so, you know, the miners have been under a strict diet not to gain too much weight so they can fit in the capsule and they can be brought up. also i heard before six hours before they are brought up, they cannot eat anything. so they're going to be coming up with an empty stomach when they meet their families. so when they meet their families, that's going to occur at the top of the hill, there's a tent ready for them. they will be able to meet their immediate relatives, they will be examined by a doctor and then they will be flown to a nearby hospital. >> i can hear a reporter that's got to be standing right next to you filing a report as well and it's not throwing you at all. but tell me, how many reporters are gather there had?
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>> my friend, keary sanders. >> it's our own kerry sanders. >> he's talking loudly, go ahead and punch him later. but angie, how many reporters are around there? because the eyes of the world are on this location. >> there are hundreds of reporters from all over the world, you know, you walk by this road and you can hear languages from all over the world, there is people from japan, from china, from germany, from england, from canada, all of latin america is here. this could very well be the story of the year and we are all part of a family and we have been very close to families of the miners and we cannot wait to see them come up. >> i'll bet. well, we have got goose bumps, a lot of us here, so we hope it will go very, very well.
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thank you so much. well, developing right now, pakistan says it will now reopen a keyboarder crossing to after stac afghanistan with immediate affabilities. that attack comes two days after the u.s. apologized for pakistan for an accidental air raid that killed two pakistani soldiers. ian williams is joining me live from islamabad pakistan with more. good day to you, or evening your time it appears. how soon when they say an immediate affect, are the borders open already? >> we're just trying to figure out how immediate that immediate opening is. the pakistan government is saying it's opening now, but we're hearing from the army that there are enormous technical and what they call coordination issues. we take that to mean there is so
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many trucks and tankers backed up on the border roads, but it's going to be a pretty major exercise to coordinate those, get them to and through that border, but at least it is open, at least it's vital nato supply route will once again be sending fuel and other related supplies into afghanistan. in the past nine days since the boarder was closed, there's been 130 by our estimate tankers destroyed in fireballs by gunmen firing rockets and firing guns and 12 drivers killed. the latest today down in southwest pakistan, the border remains open but it's open season on tankers and in this incident, there were 29 tankers destroyed when they came under rocket and dun fire, alex. >> what about the cargo trucks that have all been corralled into a certain area. first of all, is that area safe? and with this immediate affect
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of the border opening, what does that mean, do they all start lining up and they can cross safely into afghanistan? >> well, i think that's the issue, how do you get all these trucks which have been waiting across the boarder? i think the trucks which are closest to the border are probably the safest because there is security up there, there are police there. the more exposed tankers, the more exposed trucks have been those which have been strung out in other parts of pakistan, parked at the side of roads, parked in depots, parked wherever they can really. and they're the ones which have come under fire, come under attack and there will be enormous relief when they can get moving again. some of these trucks, some of the drivers we spoke to have said that they were trying to avoid staying in bun place, even if it means shuffling up and down the road. they're very nervous, a lot of their fellow drivers have died and there will be an enormous amount of relief among the
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drivers, but in nato, this supply route is the last opening. >> nbc's ian williams in pakistan this morning. in president obama's weekly address, the president suggested the gop plan for education will not only hurt the economy, but also the future of this nation. >> it would consign america to second place in our fiercely competitive global economy. but china and india aren't playing for second, south korea and germany, they aren't playing for second, they're playing for first and so should the united states of america. >> good saturday morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> 24 days and counting, where do you think things stand? >> what the president is doing is sort of riffing on that pledge to america that was unveiled by the republicans, they want to cut spending back to 2008 levels and the president
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says that's going to equate to cutting back education and a whole host of programs if that $100 billion is cut from the next budget. but there's some bad news not only for people who are looking for jobs, but also for democrats politically. another month, another dismal jobs report. the economy is simply not growing fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate, now with those elections just a couple of weeks away, voter frustration is mounting. even as he toured a thriving maryland small business, the president acknowledged the jobs picture around much of the country remains bleak. >> the only piece of economic news that folks still looking for work want to hear is you're hired. and everything we do is dedicated to make that happen. >> the october unemployment rate stuck at 9.6%, unchanged since september. with 15 million americans still looking for work.
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76,000 positions in local government, most of them teachers. and wean with private employers adding jobs for the last month. president obama says he's still trying to dig out a hole years in the making. >> i'm not interested in as much facts and figures as i am the people behind them. the millions of hard working americans swept up in the most devastating recession of our life times. >> reporter: with public anxiety running high, republicans led by john boehner, the man many predict will become the next house speaker were quick to pounce. >> your government is out of control. do you have to accept it? >> no. >> do you have to sake it? >> no. >> hell no, you don't. >> reporter: with the economy growing too slowly to bring the jobless rate down, many who want full-time work are forced to take part-time positions.
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>> everybody in jacksonville is concerned about jobs, nobody is getting any, nobody's offering any. >> reporter: another sobering figure, october was the 14th month in a row the jobless rate has been above 9.5%, that's the longest stretch since the great depression. >> given how long people have been unemployed, how many older workers are in that group and are losing the skills they need to be employed in this economy, it's pretty obvious we're going to have a lot of people who just don't fit in anymore. >> and alex, the political stakes only get higher between now and election day. the president has embarked on a series of pep rallies for a discouraged democratic base, he's's got another one planned for tomorrow in philadelphia. >> it was a tell-all of sexual encounters on a college campus. now the coed is having more than second thoughts about her kids and tell. also ahead, it's the "dora the explorer" lawsuit, the girl
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who was the voice of dora says she's been cheated out of millions and now she is suing. you're watching "msnbc saturday."
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more drama in california. first there was the controversy over an undocumented worker who was the housekeeper for republican meg whitman for several years. now it's an aid to democrat jerry brown. >> do we want to put an ad out? that i have been warned if i crack down on pensions, i will be -- that they'll go to whitman and that's where they'll go because they know that whitman will be the -- >> what about saying she's --.
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>> an msnbc news political reporter and we welcome you back, good morning. >> this has been a really, really tough race. i mean the polling shows that jerry brown is up by about seven points, the brown camp says it's not investigating the whitman slur, does this change the race at all in the golden state? >> politics is a lot like survivor, you've got to get all of these alliances that you have to line up behind you and they all have competing interests sometimes. and women are an interesting constituency, they -- comments like this, this is not the first time that we have heard him use language that, you know, kind of rubbed women the wrong way, to feel like this isn't exactly the language i would use and you know, a field poll recently showed that brown and whitman are splitting the women's vote at about 41/41.
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a bloc of women almost 24% of which are open to either candidate and after this week long drama that we saw play out over the undocumented worker that apparently whitman had working for her for nine years, that's one constituency group for latinos. now the whitman camp trying to push back and make some inroads with women. the brown campaign, surprise, came out with the national organization for women's endorsement on friday. so, you know, it's politics all over the place and definitely trying to corral those groups. >> what about the u.s. senate race there, we have the incumbent barbara boxer over carly fiorina. is there an indication that california that traditionally leans to the left really a place where republicans can gain a foothold? of course you have arnold schwarzenegger, pete wilson,
9:19 am
ronald reagan, but overall it's usually been democrats. >> everyone sees a wave coming. what democrats hope is that a place like california in the senate because of that -- as you mentioned t liberal leanings of the state generally, this can be the democrats' fire wall. republicans need ten seats to take back the senate and democrats are hoping if we can pump up barbara boxer and people like patty murray in washington state, we can hold off what could be a giant wave from republicans. look, the problem for carly fiorina is that she's not as wealthy as meg whitman with the $140 million she's poured in. she's not quite out of money, but boxer has a lot of money in the bank, as of june about $11 million and fiorina only had about a million. so the senatorial committee has put in another million for
9:20 am
fiori fiorina. california is the most expensive state to advertise in. really expensive. really hard to travel and you know she's got a lot of ground to make up and she -- and boxer went unchallenged for about a week with ads that she had put up, where fiorina wasn't on the air which accounts for the slight lead that boxer has taken. >> let's take a look with illinois because the things there cannot get any closer. the polls show it's a dead heat between republican mark kirk and democrat alexi giannoulias. >> this is a state that hasn't elected a republican to the senate in 30 years. and this is barack obama's senate seat and he was just there on thursday trying to help
9:21 am
giannoulias. this is one of those races that could keep us up on election night. 8:00 poll closing time, but who knows if we'll know the result sometime soon after that because, boy, that is a really tight race, they're going to debate tomorrow on "meet the press" with david gregory and we'll see some of the big issues come out there. >> bottom line in terms of the senate, it's unlikely the republicans are going to overtake that, right? >> the senate is a much tougher climb for republicans, everyone's talking about potentially that the house would be something that republicans have a much better shot at, most people aren't predicting a senate takeover, but it's certainly possible, there are a lot of senate races to watch, more than 15 or 16 or so that really are very competitive just unlike any year we have seen in a very lodge time. >> okay, thank you so much. the world remembers the man who sang of peace at a time of great upheaval, honoring the
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service video captures this would be bandit holding up a duncan doughnuts in long island, new york. he pulled out a gun and the employee said no and pulled out a water hose. the suspect fled empty handed. the horserace movie secretariat is storming into the theaters this weekend. will it take the top spot? let's take a look. >> it would be dangerous. >> he does. he knows. >> join me live now is amy
9:26 am
palmer, senior editor for in touch weekly. good morning to you. what does this look like it's going to do in the debut weekend? it's got a lot of good buzz? >> actually oscar buzz. diane lane is so compelling. she's in a man's club because it's all about racing in the '70s. you can see by the wonderful costumes in the field. it's coming in number three at the box office with $14.5 million. the top two spots are the social network, coming in at $15 million and the second one is life as we know it. so they're both at $15 million. >> you brought it up. let's take a look at a clip from "live as we know it." >> wow, you look -- >> i better not say anything. it's best to keep your cards off the table. >> hey, lester. >> how are you doing, bill? >> thanks for giving her the night off. >> she's tried everything in her
9:27 am
closet. pretty much impossible to blow this one. she hasn't had me in a while, so call me if you need me. >> don't you want to see that? >> katharine hiegel is the queen in hollywood. so this really paved the pathway for her, she left gray's anatomy. and now she's got a whole other movie career. people really do like her and this is an interesting movie because it has a twist and it's about this couple coming together under kind of dire circumstances, but having fun while doing it. tears of joy in chile, rescuers finished the shaft leading to the miners, we're going to bring you the very latest coming up on "msnbc saturday."
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those 33 trapped miners in chile may finally have a way out. the crews still need to see if the shaft is stable enough for the escape capsule. but the men could then start being pulled out one by one as early as tuesday. gunmen in southwest pakistan attacked a nato convoy supply and torched 29 oil tankers. one day after a jailed chinese dissent wins the nobel peace prize, his wife has disappeared. the nobel peace prize and most of the chinese people don't know either because the government has sensored that news. a town of 800 people in hungary has been evacuated because of fears of a new leak
9:32 am
of toxic sludge. and there's celebrations "today" in london, liverpool and right here in new york city to remember the 70th birthday of the late, great john lennon. mexico is ramping up it's investigation into the american tourist who was reportedly killed by pirates on a border lake near texas. a federal probe by mexican authorities will try to determine what in fact happened on falcon lake where david and his wife were jet skiing. >> i know what i saw and i can just tell you what i know. unfortunately, he's not here to, you know--david's not here to verify, yeah, we were chased and we were shot at. >> here with me now former fbi profiler clint van zandt.
9:33 am
asking for your gut check here, what's your take? >> yeah, this story really bothered me initially, alex. but part of it is that we have all been scammed the last few years. we have the run away bride who said she was kidnapped, false. the we have the balloon boy, oh, my god, save my child who's up in the air in a balloon. false, we have somebody threw acid in my face, pity me, false. we actually get a little jaded on these and i think there still may be more to the story we haven't heard. but on the positive side for tiffany, the grieving wife t sheriff's office says, number one, we have got a witness that saw her run across the lake on her jet ski. number two, we found blood on her life jacket consistent with the story she tells. number three, local authorities stopped here and her husband on their way to the lake so we know they were headed in that direction and we know they were
9:34 am
together. alex, my fear is that there's still more to this story, there may have been a reason why they were across the lake. and the bottom line is let's put the coast guard on that 44-mile long lake anding when these drug runners start to make that run from mexico to the united states, let's take them out the next time they do it. >> back to the story at hand, so you think that he is dead and if so, where's the body. >> if i were members of the drug cartel, these are not pirates, these are drug runners with ak-47s, rocket launchers and high speedboats. i think to take the heat off them, what they would do is go back in the water, get the husband's body, get the jet ski, take him about 20 miles inland and get rid of him and sit there and say they know nothing because they don't want heat on them for their drug running activities so they want this whole story to go away. and the mexican authorities,
9:35 am
alex, they waited a week before they put their foot in the water to try to help america too. >> these waters are supposed to be so dangerous that american police don't want to venture in them, what was this couple doing there in the first place? >> that's the rest of the story i don't think we know. they knew that three events had taken place previous this year, confrontations, to say that's okay, we're going to go over and take pictures anyway. alex, would you and i jump on a jet ski where people we know have been held at gunpoint? we might go and take some pictures, but i wouldn't risk your life and take you across to the other side. >> sometimes you just got to be a little more prudent. but nonetheless that, does nothing to solve this tragedy. but clint van zandt, thank you so much. good luck with that chili cook-off. >> i am doing it, thank you. meantime, two florida men,
9:36 am
they are in critical condition "today," however there was a miraculous rescue atop a water tower. the workers fell inside a 160-foot high water tower after their scaffolding collapsed. some fire rescue crews -- the men were then lowered to the ground and then to safety in some steel baskets that were tethered to tables. that would have been some recovery right there. celebrating john lennon, the beatles legend would have turned 70 years old "today." one of those places includes the famous abby road in london and that is where jenny wilf is standing by for us. what is going on there to honor john lennon "today"? >> as you can see behind me, there's been a steady stream of people crossing abby road
9:37 am
replicating that famous album cover from 1969, just behind the crossing, we have got the abby road studios where so many of those famous albums were made back in the '60s and earlier "toda today there was a tribute band gathered behind me and they were singing beatles songs. and there really are people here from all over the world. i was chatting to a couple of girls from australia earlier who told me there was a webcam set up to view the crossing and they said their parents are watching them in australia, they were born after john lennon died, but they grew up on the beatles, listening to his music throughout their lifetime. >> we're taking a look at a webcam right now, we just had that up there, and it's pretty great to see what's going on from a different perspective. what about this picture about what john lennon might have looked like were he to be alive
9:38 am
still today, of course he died right at the age of 40 years old and he would have beentoday, so talk about that. >> it's hard to imagine what he would look like, because he died really young really, just 40 years old so he'll never be old to us, but the daily mail, a british newspaper over here have tried to do an artist's impression of what he would look like at 70 years old. clearly the artist was a fan, i would say, alex. >> there's a lot of people that would say he still looked good as long as he was still playing his music. new details this morning about that new infamous college sex list that recently hit the internet. karen owens says she now regrets writing that mock thesis.
9:39 am
the 43-page report details sexual trysts that she had with athletes at duke university. aaron recently interviewed karen owen and to the best of our knowledge, you're the only person who has interviewed her thus far, is that right. >> that's correct. >> what did he tell you about why she wrote this mock thesis sis. >> we were the first site to publish it with the names redacted and i have to tell you, she did not do this as a way to get famous. she saw it as a fun thing to do between girlfriends. she had a thing for athletes and she had a back groichbd in anthropology and thought it was funny. she never expected the world to see it. >> she sent this to three of her girlfriends, is that right? >> it's remarkable given the level of detail that's there that she really only intended it for three people is what she
9:40 am
told me. >> does she regret writing the report? >> she doesn't regret writing it, i don't believe, she doesn't regret the actions described in there, but what she does regret is that she violated the privacy of her partners. she definitely didn't want to hurt anyone. >> this has gotten -- the website, was it 2 million hits a day for people who have seen this around the world, people who are looking at this report? >> since we published it, it's gotten nearly 2 million hits, it's been extraordinarily popular. i think people are surprised to see how some women really talk to each other about sex. >> and we can get to that and discuss that until the cows come home as they say. but however, with regard to how this got out, so did one of her three friends bust the code of privacy between them all. >> that is what happened. it took several months. she sent it to her friends in may, around september, around the time of homecoming, one of these friends thought it would
9:41 am
be funny to share with one other friend. once something is digital, you can't even really trace it. but the one friend who forwarded it on has apologized to kim. >> one thing that she should not apologize, that for her actions, having slept with all of these university athletes, that is something that has started a conversation. how do you read the discourse in that conversation? i mean as to whether, men, were they to have done the same thing, would that be as equally as focused upon? how do you see this play out with the discussion on jess bell? >> on jezebel, we serve a young audience that are interested in making the right choices for them. we don't think women should be judged if they choose to have casual sex as long as it's safe and consensual. and in a lot of these cases, this is what it appears to me.
9:42 am
a lot of these guys did not choose to have their -- i think there's been a conversation this week where we see a lot of people harshly judging karen, not for the fact that she violated their privacy but the fact that she had sex without having a relationship. i think there's nothing wrong with that as long as that's a choice that you make for yourself. >> interesting the way this all came about. it is a wildly popular program for children, but now "dora the explorer" is at the center of a million dollar lawsuit. i used to see the puddles, but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪ ♪ most of all, most of all... ♪
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♪ ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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a former do"dora the explor" star is exposing what her lawyers claim is a multimillion dollar injustice. katelynn sanchez who plays dora for three years is suing nickelodeon. >> katelynn, her mother and attorneys are not speaking publicly about the complaint filed in the manhattan court earlier this week. the suit doesn't specify an amount of money, but claims the company owes katelynn unpaid compensation in the millions. >> red, blue, green! >> for three years she was the voice behind america's bilingual suite heart. nickelodeon's animated sensation and popular kid role model, dora is explorer. but now 14-year-old katelynn sanchez, shown here in august promoting dora's tenth anniversary is suing the children's net work and parent company viacom.
9:47 am
the suit filed by katelynn's mother and attorneys stated the -- underwaying her millions of dollars for voice and singing performances, resit walls and promotional work for the multibillion dollar brand of all things dora. in a statement, attorneys say kit lynn's parents were pressured to sign the original contract and not given time to consult a lawyer, saying, quote, i have never seen as convoluteded and inscrutable a contract as i have seen here. before lawyers filed the complaint, nickelodeon stop using katelynn as the voice of dora saying a change in the teen's voice made it no longer possible to portray the latina heroine's character. not only did they offer katelynn other work, but quote, katelynn's contract was extensively negotiated through her agent and in compliance with her union. she was well compensated for her
9:48 am
work and for personal appearances. katelynn's attorneys say she is not suing because she is no longer the voice of dora but just wants to be paidarily and also keep working to promote the popular products that made dora a household name. >> katelynn's attorney say the family tried to work out details with the company before filing the suit. now it will all play out in court. >> this is three years that she played the role of dora, but there was another actress before her, right? and did she have the same problems? >> she had a voice change also, and this isn't the reason that the suit was filed. but katelynn was the second voice of dora that also underwent voice change as she grew up as a teen. >> are there any complaints from the former "dora the explorer" actress? >> no, not that we know of.
9:49 am
an inspector says he didn't notice that crocodile until he nearly stepped on it. there was a bit of commotion until that crocodile was captured. the six-foot long crocodile was released into the river where it belongs.
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to politics now and the billions of dollars that will be spent on campaign ads this election cycle. the group says the candidates have spent 109 million dollar media ads so far and the rest of the money will come from
9:53 am
third-party groups and special interests. and it's pouring national ad dollars in seven congressional races to prevent a republican takeover of the house. and although the committee will continue to support democrats across the board, there is a report that they are buying across six districts. >> what is happening out there? why the money being poored into one place and cutting back in the other? what does that say? >> republicans need to take back 39 seats to takeover the house and the democrats are trying to hold as many seats as possible in order to keep control, to keep the speaker's gavel. and they are spending more money in 60 districts across the country and republicans are spending money in the same amount of places, but the
9:54 am
districts that were catching our eyes now are seats low on the priority list. if these guys are in trouble that means there are way too many democrats in trouble for the party to reasonably think about keeping the house. they are trying to save members that were elected by huge margins, and president obama got more than 55% of the vote in some of the districts and now that a republican is giving them a serious challenge and democrats feel they need to spend money in these seats, it indicates republicans are hiding a huge national wave. >> so the nature of these ads, are they attack ads? are they promoting democratic philosophy? how are they breaking down? >> across the country they are attack ads. this campaign cycle will be the
9:55 am
most negative in history. voters out in the average, the average american voter doesn't trust anybody from washington, d.c. and did not trust anybody in politics at all and they are not listening to why you would be a good candidate but why they should be against the other guy, and that's what they are doing. all the national money goes into attack ads and not into positive advertising. >> the six democratic candidates for whom the money is being cut, are they saying guess what, you are on your own? >> legally they can't coordinate with the campaigns and tell them, sorry guys, you are not going to win it's a waste of time to spend it you on, but you can tell where the democrats are focusing and deciding we have to cut our losses and we can't go into the distributes and spend millions on behalf of a glenn
9:56 am
nye or whatever, we have to spend money for three members that people did not think were going to be in competitive races, but now they are in competitive races and the other members who are freshmen who rode in on the obama wave are feeling the heat and are not likely to come back next year. >> who has the upper hand? >> republicans are doing the best they can to put as many seats in play, and that's a great strategy, and republicans clearly are riding this wave right now. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, alex. food stamps are for food, but what about for soda pop?
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